Beaver Road is a “new” band that actually goes back many years. The band features Stan Demski and Mitch Schecter, who started making music together in 1973, when they recorded their first demo of songs. Those long-ago sessions started a lifelong musical partnership that has culminated in the creation of the Beaver Road band.

The album “Here We Go Again” has its roots in Folk Rock, Country Rock, and Americana music. In the album, Stan and Mitch play many different instruments, such as Mandolin, Banjo, a vintage Martin Acoustic Guitar, and even Electric Guitar. The vocals are pure “down-home,” and the harmonies, along with a variety of stringed instruments and percussion, result in a big, beautiful, feel-good, California-style soundscape.

Beaver Road is here to stay.

C’mon and join us!

Stan Demski

Stan Demski has been writing songs and pickin’ his Martin Guitar since the 60’s. His folky, country-rock feel draws comparisons to artists like Cat Stevens and James Taylor, but his originality always shines through.

While singin’ and pickin’ in Philadelphia, following the likes of Doc Watson and Jerry Ricks in the early 70’s, Stan met Mitch and recorded a demo of songs that demonstrated a complex blending of folk, jazz, and rock.

Stan performed throughout the 70’s and 80’s, then in the mid 90’s formed S.A.M.S. ACOUSTIC BAND with Mitch, Stephen Kleiman and Alan Segal. They recorded an album’s worth of songs that were never released.

After this period, Stan took a break, but he never really put down his old Martin Guitar. Listen to the acoustic guitar instrumental, “Chocolate Licks,” and you can hear Stan’s exceptional finger-picking style. Now Stan is back in full swing with the new Beaver Road album, “Here We Go Again.”

Mitch Schecter

Mitch Schecter is a Multi-Instrumentalist, though his musical journey started on Drums in 1964. In the 70’s, he met Stan, who encouraged him to develop his craft on other instruments.

Mitch’s credentials are wide-ranging. He’s played Drums or Guitar behind Chuck Berry, The Dovells, Ron Dante, Andy Kim, Fran Smith of The Hooters, and Kevin Roth, among many others. His solo music is featured in the film documentary, “The Wages Of Spin-Part Two” and the short film, “Eli’s Run.” He has also produced albums for many artists, including The Rip Chords, Kevin Roth and more.

Mitch serves as music director for The Rip Chords,where he’s shared stages with many of his 60’s music heroes.

He started recording with Stan in the 70’s, and after many years of making music, the two of them created Beaver Road. One listen to the Beaver Road album “Here We Go Again,” and you can really appreciate Mitch’s incredible abilities as a Multi-Instrumentalist.

Beaver Road Backup Band

Amy Lynne

Keyboard, Flute, Vocals & Percussion

Mike Kelly

Bass, Keyboards & Vocals

Debbi Kelly

Vocals & Percussion