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In 1973, two musicians went into a studio and recorded demo songs that started a lifelong musical partnership. Stan Demski and Mitch Schecter took this partnership and created a new band that goes back many years, Beaver Road band. They have recently released a new album Here We Go Again which is rooted in Folk Rock, Country Rock and Americana Music. On this album Stan and Mitch play many different instruments to create the unique sound they were looking for to bring you down home music. The harmonies along with the variety of percussion and stringed instruments including a Mandolin, Banjo, a vintage Martin Acoustic Guitar and an Electric Guitar. The combination of each individual talent and experience result in a feel-good, California-style soundscape.

The album, Here We Go Again is a compilation of songs written by both Stan Demski and Mitch Schecter. Year’s of writing, recording and hanging out create a feel good album with a lot of Americana vibe, down home music. The album is produced by Mitch and arranged by both Mitch and Stan. Backing up Beaver Road are Amy Schecter (Keyboard, Flute, Vocals & Percussion), Mike Kelly (Bass, Keyboards & Vocals), and Debbi Kelly (Vocals & Percussion).

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